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Nigeria's foremost leather company.

Zurigozi is the fastest growing Nigerian leather retail store recently opened in 2017. As a company, Zurigozi specializes in the production fashionable and bespoke leather shoes purely made out of real and genuine leather.

Coined from the Swahili words, “Nzuri” and “Ngozi” with Nzuri meaning beautiful and “Ngozi” which means leather, the name Zurigozi was berthed. The name thoughtfully goes further to portray a Nigerian brand with an African heritage and International relevance.

Zurigozi puts out a well thought and crafted ready to wear and bespoke shoes which speaks remarkably high of the brand. Zurigozi without compromise, puts 100% effort in to the quality of production as luxury brands do but less expensive than the luxury brands.

The quests to put out well thought and quality designs, is a driving factor and as such relies heavily on creative ideas, flexibility with fashion trends, as well as a customer centric approach. All these existing qualities put together is helping Zurigozi achieve the vision of being the leading leather retail store in Nigeria and beyond.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing wrong and where we can improve on.